Anti Aging Set

Anti Aging Set

Anti Aging Set


Anti-aging Set is a high-tech cosmeceutical product dedicated to anti-age treatment and has excellent results in the treatment of skin with dark spots. The key to the success of these products is the perfect cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, Retinol and natural extracts that guarantee a complete action on the various problems of an extraordinary Antiaging treatment. The main treatment is “Anti-aging Antioxidant Serum which reduces and prevents lines of expression and deeper wrinkles (thanks to retinol). It protects against the damage caused by UV rays, from atmospheric pollution, the oxidative stress caused by free radicals (thanks to vitamin E, lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10). The presence of stabilized vitamin C inhibits the enzyme of tyrosinase and melanogenesis and ensures a lightening action on dark spots. Serum should be used in combination with stimulating “Anti-aging Face Cream”cellular renewal improves the texture for a perfectly smooth and luminous skin. The presence of vitamins (C and E) and antioxidants (lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10) allows a synergy with the serum to obtain wonderful results. An extract of a plant (Physalis Angulata) with its important anti-inflammatory properties and repairer keeps the skin young, toned and prevented inflammatory skin conditions. The regular use of Antiaging Set gives brightness, hydration, brightness and nourishment to the skin.

To obtain the best results, scrupulously follow the complete treatment protocol:

In the morning: apply a small amount of Anti-aging Cleanser that in addition to a perfect cleansing helps to dissolve impurities while simultaneously nourishing the skin. Massage on moist skin and then rinse with warm water. Apply a few drops of the “Antiaging Antioxidant Serum” serum (antioxidant), massaging until completely absorbed. Then proceed with the application of the face cream “Antiaging Face Cream”.

In the evening: follow the same morning routine.

Antiaging Cleanser – Antiaging set

Delicate and purifying moisturizing cleanser thanks to the high concentration of Vitamin E.
This active ingredient is an excellent antioxidant-protective, ideal for an anti-aging treatment with exceptional performance. The presence of Marigold and Mallow carries out an action
smoothing and anti-inflammatory. The skin immediately appears smooth, compact and luminous.

Anti-aging serum with antioxidants – Antiaging set

Serum that gives the skin a smooth appearance thanks to its formula enriched with an extraordinary mix of antioxidant active ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin
E. Applied on the face gives the skin brightness, elasticity and hydration.

Firming cream – Anti-aging Set

Velvety and silky emulsion that returns to the skin brightness and compactness thanks to the presence of precious antioxidants such as Lipoic Acid and the Vitamins A C and E, which contrast
the signs of skin aging and restore the normal balance of the skin, protecting it from smog and solar radiation insults.