Anti-acne Set

Anti-acne Set

Anti-acne Set


The Anti-Acne Set is a high-tech cosmeceutical product for skin with acne or predisposed to it.

Anti-acne set consists of three products that act synergistically to balance excess sebum and

accelerate cell turnover.

The presence of naturally soothing active ingredients guarantees an anti-inflammatory action with immediate effect.

An important step in treating acne is cleaning with a mild detergent for

to make the skin receptive to the benefits of the active ingredients of all the products in the set.

“Anti-acne” cleanser rebalances skin adiposity thanks to its glycolic acid content.

The acid removes excess sebum and eliminates dead cells.

The extracts of Aloe and Nettle complete the action with their antiseptic properties.

The purifying serum retinol with 30% vitamin A purifies the skin deeply and reduces it

excess sebum and minimizes scars caused by inflammatory process.

The “Anti-acne purifying Face Cream” cream has an extraordinary soothing and antioxidant effect.

Its secret is the presence of a natural extract (Physalia Angulata) with known anti-inflammatory properties

with immediate action.

A complex of vitamins and antioxidants (lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and Nicotinamide)

restore the correct balance of the hydrolipidic film.

The regular use of Anti-Acne Set gives a deep purifying action that gives a radiant skin,

smooth, homogeneous and relaxed.

To obtain the results you want, follow the complete treatment of the Anti-acne set protocol:

In the morning: apply a small amount of detergent to the damp skin and massage it gently, then rinse with warm water.

Proceed with the application of some drops of the serum on the face avoiding the eye area.

Finally, apply the cream and massage until completely absorbed.

In the evening: follow the same procedure in the morning.
Purifying cleanser-anti-acne set

Delicate and purifying detergent which thanks to the significant content of glycolic acid provides a light superficial exfoliation, favoring the natural cellular regeneration.
The presence of Aloe gives an important lenitive action, the nettle extract is an extraordinary sebum-regulator.
Purifying serum with vitamin A – Anti-acne set

Our serum with a pleasant sensation of silkiness considerably reduces sebum thanks to the action of vitamin A, with important benefits against acne. The active ingredients
present exert an exfoliating and sebaceous rebalancing action. the skin is more compact with evident visual reduction of the imperfections caused by acne.
Purifying face cream – anti-acne set

Light and opaque emulsion able to regulate the functions of the sebaceous glands giving the skin a healthy and compact appearance. Its shielding effect reduces the deposit
superficial of sebum and considerably decreases the acne signs. The skin appears purified and relaxed.