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Sunlovers Cream & Sunlovers Air Lotion


Sun Lovers Cream and Sun Lovers Air Lotion

The appearance of the skin is determined by a combination of several factors such as general health status, ethnicity, life-style, diet and age. These features determine the brightness, the texture, the consistence, the firmness, the elasticity and softness of the skin.

The aging of the human skin is a biological multifactorial and complex process, which involves the different layers of the skin and that is not yet fully understood but it certainly is the result of two  biologically independent processes.

  • The first is the intrinsic aging, an unstoppable process that affects the skin in the same way, compared to all the other organs. Intrinsic aging is a natural process that closely relates to chronological age.
  • The second is the extrinsic aging, which is the result of exposure to environmental factors (i.e. ultraviolet irradiation, pollutants, etc.) and is commonly referred to as photo-aging.

The skin is the only organ chronically exposed to the environment, and the interaction with environmental factors strongly influence the physiology of the skin, resulting in extrinsic aging. The sun is responsible for 90% of the extrinsic aging of the skin.

In addition, the solar radiation and, in particular, fashion the share of ultraviolet radiation (UV) is directly absorbed by the nucleus of the cells, causing damage to the genetic material (DNA). Accordingly, the solar radiation is considered the main cause of skin cancer.

It is necessary to emphasize that the levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation increases in proportion to:

  • the increase of the altitude (every 1000 m height the UV levels increase by 10-12%);
  • the increase of the height of the Sun (especially at noon in summer months);
  • to decrease with latitude (i.e. countries in sub-equatorial and equatorial);
  • to the decrease of cloudiness.

Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that possesses a unique ability to bind and retain water molecules. The most dramatic change observed during the aging of the skin is the marked disappearance of Hyaluronic Acid. During the ageing process the skin loses, therefore, the main molecule capable of binding and retaining water molecules, resulting in loss of hydration, firmness and elasticity, formation of wrinkles and loss of volume of the face, in particular with regard to the cheekbones and the lips.

Chrono-aging and of photo-aging Prevention strategies

 The daily use of sunscreen with a high protection factor and the local application of hyaluronic acid that can replenish the physiological loss of this substance are the key points in the prevention of chrono and photo-aging.

Sun Lovers Cream and Air Lotion are a combined cosmetic treatment, that is essential for beauty of skin. This treatment is able to restore the natural youthfulness of the skin thanks to a double protective action, and anti-aging, unique in its kind.

The exclusive formula of Sun Lovers Cream has a mix of physical and chemical sunscreens with   very high protection index (SPF 50+) that, repairing the skin from the damaging action of UVA, UVB and of free radicals, plays an anti-ageing action. At the same time, the rich formulation of Hyaluronic Acid restores the reserves of this molecule, that are lost during the process of ageing, and makes the skin hydrated, regenerated, radiant, and smooth, restoring its natural beauty.

The Air lotion has a very light texture that, once sprayed on the face, maintains and prolongs the intense effects of Sun Lovers Cream. Sun Lovers Air Lotion has a fresh texture , that bathes the skin in a moisturizing cloud in order to equilibrate the natural freshness. The peculiarity of Air Lotion is to combine the instant moisturizing action with an intense action of protection from the solar aggressions thanks to the presence of vaporized photo-protectors agents.

The ritual of application

 Sun Lovers Cream should be applied in the morning and early afternoon.

Sun Lovers Air Lotion should be sprayed during the day, every two, three hours.