Whitening set

Whitening set

Whitening set



Whitening set is a high-tech cosmeceutical product dedicated to the treatment of skin with dark spots or predisposed to them.

The targeted action of this set is to minimize the discrepancy with different mechanisms.

The combined action of three products with different functional active ingredients helps to reduce stains as well as to prevent the appearance of new ones. The main treatment is a powerful lightening serum with a luminifying effect.

The serum, which has a light and refreshing texture, contains vitamin C stabilized at a concentration of 30% (the only product on the market with such a high concentration) that helps to inhibit the activity of intracellular tyrosinase thanks to its action on melanogenesis which actually reduces dark spots from the surface of the skin.

The serum should be used in the morning before Hydrating Face Cream which contains UVA and UVB filters and whose function is to reduce damage and the effects of photo-aging.

The lightening facial cream is the last but not least product enriched with vitamin C, Kojic acid and phytic acid.

The Lightening Face Cream cream must be applied exclusively in the evening to the daily protocol to slow down all the processes that cause an excessive accumulation of melanin in the dermis.

Regular use of the Whitening Set gives the skin brightness and a smooth appearance, and also protects the skin from damage from ultraviolet rays. To obtain the desired results it is essential to follow the complete protocol of the Whitening set:

In the morning: Apply a few drops of the Serum and gently massage until complete

absorption by placing, if necessary, more product on the darker areas.

Once the serum is well absorbed, spread a generous amount of “Hidrating Face Cream with Sunscreen” (moisturizing cream with sunscreen).

In the evening: apply the cream “Lightening Face Cream” on the clean face skin, massage it gently for a few minutes. It is recommended to apply only a small amount of this product to areas affected by stains.

Serum with vitamin C concentrated 30% Whitening set.

Serum, containing 30% stabilized vitamin C which gives the skin an immediate lightening and depigmenting effect. Its velvety touch gives the skin a luminous and relaxed appearance.
Lightening face cream – Whitening set

Light textured cream formulated with active ingredients such as Cogic Acid and Acid Fittico, Brassica and Synovea which inhibit the production of melanin and slow down the pigmentation,
obtaining a lightening and lenitive action, with natural reduction of imperfections and skin spots.
Moisturizing cream with sunscreen – Whitening set

Delicate emulsion that gives the skin a high hydration. Thanks to the presence of sunscreens, the skin is protected from stress caused by sunlight and is regenerated.